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(i) Favorable climate

(ii) Fertile soil

(iii) Natural attachment/Historical factors

(iv) Administrative headquarters

(v) employment opportunities

(vi) Presence of minerals


(i) Large labour: High population provides large labour force for the industries

(ii) Large market : high population is a source of large market for goods produced by industries

(iii) Togetherness : many people are brought together and this can promote unity among diverse people in the country

(iv) Effective planning :with large population , concentration in an area , there is need for effective planning so that the towns can function properly

(v) Defense: organized army in such areas is possible



settlements are a city, town, village or other agglomeration of buildings where people live and work


(i) isolated settlement consists of a single farm or house very remote from any other one, usually found in farming or hunting rural communities.

(ii) integrated nucleated and linear settlements combines the characteristics of both types of settlement and they are star-like.

(iii) linear or elongated settlement forms a straight or curved line, following a line of movement, such as a road, river, coastline or the foot of an elongated escarpment. 

(iv) dispersed settlement is made up of several houses, scattered or dispersed (as the name implies). One house may be up to one or more kilometers from the next.

(v) nucleated or compact settlement, the buildings are clustered, linked by roads, and the settlement itself may have a nearly circular or irregular shape.



(i) any other activity that Member States may decide to undertake jointly with a view to attaining Community objectives

(ii) the establishment of a fund for cooperation, compensation and development

(iii) the harmonization of standards and measures

(iv) the establishment of an enabling legal environment

(v) the harmonization of national investment codes leading to the adoption of a single Community investment code


(i)Language barrier:

there are three languages used for communication within the ECOWAS bloc - English, French and Portuguese. 

(ii) Widespread Poverty:

Many of the member states of ECOWAS are among the poorest of the poor nations in the world. Many of their citizens earn less that a dollar a day. 

(iii) Human Rights Abuses

Another problem of the ECOWAS group is the penchant of the member states to abuse the human rights of their citizens. 

(iv) Financial problems:

The aims and objectives of the ECOWAS can only be achieved when the financial base of the community is solid. 

(v) Strong External Influence

Many of the member states of ECOWAS were former colonies of some former colonial powers. Countries such as Britain, France and Portugal ever had a colony or two that now belong to the ECOWAS group.

(vi) Single currency

One of the aims of the community is to establish a monetary union for the entire region.


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