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Intelligence, one word that everyone is very much familiar with. When we say someone is intelligent, we often attribute it to the test scores, grades and the remarks from class teachers. Many people fail to understand that intelligence goes way beyond the test scores, it is also one's ability to identify a problem, research it and develop a solution in little or no time .

I never for once believed the saying "examination is a true test of knowledge", there were many more things I knew that weren't asked me in both my theory and objective questions in school. Not everything is taught in school in the first place, there are some other things that life has to teach you and your ability to respond to various situations life throws at you also determines your level of intelligence and this could also be referred to as "initiative".

Like the saying " great minds think alike", intelligent people tend to exhibit similar characteristics. And these characteristics I shall list for you ...

Readiness To Learn

An intelligent person is always open to new topics, new rules and new theories. Intelligent people are not afraid to admit when they don't know something because they are always ready to learn even more to expand their scope.

On the other hand, it's usually incompetent people who are very fond of boasting that they know some things when they actually don't.


Intelligent people are never afraid to try new things, they aren't scared of whatever situations life puts them in, they believe and and move flexibly, blending in with the fast changing world.

Intelligent people make good friends, their ability to adapt and occupy various niches gives them the ability to fill in as friends to those who need them the most because they tend to carry everyone along with their free flow.

Steve Jobs described Intelligent people as those who aren't just good at one field of study but who are able to make a connection between various fields of study.

Science has also proved Steve's theory by stating that there is a possible link between openness and intelligence.


Curiousness is often associated with intelligence. Intelligent people tend to get curious about things, they always want to read and learn more. This doesn't necessarily mean they read every book that comes their way. They just have this passion to learn some more.

Albert Einstein also once said " I have no talent, I'm just passionately curious".

That's more than enough proof to suggest the reason behind being intelligent. This can also be said for various CEO's and great minded business owners, they just have a case of "Applied Curiosity".

Sensitivity To People's Feelings

Intelligent people usually find it very easy to inquire and care for people. They tap into the feelings of others.

They are emotionally intelligent and are never afraid to share their knowledge with others, they are never afraid to help those who need emotional support. Intelligent people show a lot of empathy.

In other words, being able to help people in times of need is also a sign of high levels of intelligence.

All Round Self-control And Patience

Self-control is also a sign of intelligence. Being calculative in exercising patience is a unique trait possessed by intelligent people.

A study conducted by Psychological Science proved this theory by setting up a research project, participants were asked to choose between two pay checks - a larger but later payment or an immediate small one. The results were gathered and it was found that those who chose a later but bigger one had performed better in the intelligence tests that were conducted. It was also ascertained that these people have a high level of Self-control.

Scientists attributed this self-control to their inability to be enticed by various pleasures, they do not think like the rest of the crowd. They stop to think, evaluate their options and draw various conclusions.

Intelligence people always print their own paths, they don't toe the lines of others.

If you just finished reading this, evaluate yourself. If you have all of these characteristics then you must be a very intelligent person, but if not, try to make some of these points a habit that you imbibe on a daily basis.


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