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Neco Gce geography answers

Section A:- Answer Any 2 Questions


(i) Village

(a) it occupies lager area

(b) Population is usually high (above 2,000 persons)

(c) It has heterogeneous population

(d) population performs diverse activities

(ii) Town

(a) it occupies smaller area

(b) Population is usually low (above 2,000 persons)

(c) it has homogeneous population

(d) population performs primary activities


(i) Processing:

Processing is one of the most basic functions of a town and involves processing of agricultural products, for instance, wheat into wheat flour and oilseeds into oil. 

(ii) Trade:

After processing, the next level of towns are associated with trade. The towns act as the centres for exchange of processed items or manufactured goods between two or more places. 

(iii) Services:

In towns, services like education, health, administration and communication, not adequately available in villages, are well- developed. Of all these functions, administration is the most important one. 

(iv) Transport:

Transport is a basic necessity for all types of economic activities and for the evolution and further expansion of a town. Many of the towns, therefore, have come up around railway stations or port towns. 

(v) Manufacturing and Mining:

Such activities give rise to large towns because manufacturing and mining activities generate large-scale employment and give rise to other useful economic activities like trade, services, transport, ancillary industry etc. These activities attract large-scale migrations from adjoining regions.



(i) Lack of capital: Owing to lack capital, roads, railways, airports, etc. a often difficult to construct and maintain

(ii) Lack of technical know-how: Poor knowledge of the operation of these means of transport does lead to wastage act and deterioration of transport facilities

(iii) Inadequate spare part; spare part in most cases in developing countries are not always available to replace worn out part.

(iv) Low patronage; owning to low patronage of these means of transportation, partly due to low income and low volume of trade, government is not always encouraged to construct road and raily-way etc


(i) Specific purposes: Air transport could be used for mineral prospecting and air surveying for map making.

(ii) National and international trade;

Transportation enhances trade between two countries and also between different

regions in a country. Through water transport, Nigeria is able to transport her petroleum to U.S.A. and Britain and get automobiles and machinery from these


(iii) Opening up new lands and areas: Through various means of trasportation, new areas are opened up and even some inaccessible places are brought to

limelight for proper recognition and


(iv) National integration: Through different means of transportation, different regions in a country are brought in constant touch with one another. This enhances national integration and interaction between people in a country


Section B:- Answer Any 2 Questions


Check the image below


(i) Tropical continental climate

(a) Coconut

(b) Banana & plantain

(ii) Tropical winter land climate

(a) potatoes

(b) pepper

(iii) High plateau climate

(a) Coffee

(b) Sugar cane

(iv) Sub equatorial climate

(a) Yam

(b) Casava


(i) it affect forestry due to erosion and excessive wind

(ii) Climate damage factories and disrupt transport

(iii) drought will make water more expensive , there by resulting in high cost of raw material and production.



(i) Trade liberilization: 

this has contributed in the production of trade in the west Africa

(ii) Ecowas awareness:

since the establishment of ecowas they has been an increased sense of community spirit in the west african sub-region , at all levels

(iii) Exchange of raw material:

liberilization of trade in unprocced goods is one of the three component of the trade ubaralization as contained in the throaty of the economy

(iv) increase in competition: 

Healthy competition takes place in all field of endeavor and has added to the development part of this sub-region


(i)Language barrier

(ii)Fear of domination

(iii) Influence of foreign powers and ex-colonial masters

(iv)Differences in currency

(v)Communication problems


(i)Teaching of Modern Language: 

there should be teaching of modern languages, especially English and French in educational institutions.

(ii) Free Movement:

there should be free movement of people within the sub- region through joint construction of international roads and railway lines.

(iii)Political Stability:

Member-countries should ensure political stability through here good governance.

(iv) Detach from Colonial Masters:

members should detach themselves from their former colonial masters.


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