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(i)Bad government /Election rigging: Some citizens believe that elections are bound to be rugged either by experiences or imagination and this is another reason for political apathy. Sometimes government rules arbitrary, and this act does not motivate some people to be part of political activities, thereby living the act of political apathy in them.

(ii) Chaotic political atmosphere /nature of politics: In some Nigeria, political atmosphere appears to be  unpeaceful. The  political killings, among other acts which accompanied politics do cause political apathy in some people who ought to have been part of politics. From the definition of politics which most people cited as dirty game of who gets what and at what expense in one major reason people express political apathy.

(iii) Past History of political occurrence : Past history of political occurrence is one of the major reason why people don't participate in politics. In the past some citizen's parents, children, friends and relative might have been victimized as they get involved in political participations of various kinds. For instance, a wife whose husband was assassinated while carrying out political activities would not want to be part of politics by any chance and this will results to political apathy.

(iv)Violent campaigns/Military intervention:  Sometimes, the way in which political parties carry out their campaigns appears  too violent and this can cause lack of interests in political activities for some people which is another reason for political apathy. Most time people reflect on the past hijacked political activities through criminals, thinking that the military may intervene to hijack political activities and this can also be a reason for political apathy.

(v) Weak security measure: Inadequate or poor security is the major reason why people don't participate in political activities. Sometimes, the security measures put in place by political parties during campaigns, protests and demonstrations can become too weak to manage  disputes or problems in these centers and this always caused fear of insecurity in some citizen and this could lead to political apathy.



(i) Innocent people die during the violent clashes.

(ii) The philosophy of most cults refutes traditional human values and imposes negative patterns of thinking.

(iii) The crime rate noticeably increases as the cultists are ready to use any means to achieve their goals, even if they are contrary to the law. 

(iv) Youth becomes more violent. In their eyes, human life has no value. The culture of peaceful resolution of conflicts is lost. Instead brute force is used

(v) Society acquires a negative image. The country loses its favorable appearance and is likened to a medieval community.

(vi) The standard of education falls. The prestige of schools and universities declines. Because of this, many citizens remain uneducated.



 Drug abuse is the use of illegal drugs or the use of prescription or over-the-counter medications in ways other than recommended or intended


(i) Family history of addiction: Drug addiction is more common in some families and likely involves genetic predisposition. If you have a blood relative, such as a parent or sibling, with alcohol or drug addiction, you're at greater risk of developing a drug addiction.

(ii) Mental health disorder: If you have a mental health disorder such as depression, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or post-traumatic stress disorder, you're more likely to become addicted to drugs. 

(iii) Peer pressure: Peer pressure is a strong factor in starting to use and misuse drugs, particularly for young people

(iv) Lack of family involvement:  Difficult family situations or lack of a bond with your parents or siblings may increase the risk of addiction, as can a lack of parental supervision.

(v) Early use: Using drugs at an early age can cause changes in the developing brain and increase the likelihood of progressing to drug addiction.



(i) Refresher of courses and training programmes: The introduction of fresher courses and training programmes home and abroad for public servants on the various skills they need to improve their jobs and Nigeria.

(ii) Teaching political education in schools: The introduction of political education into the school curriculum like the learning of civic education, government, diplomacy and other political thoughts to all levels of education.

(iii) Use of code of conduct bureau and public complaints commission: Government should establish some disciplinary codes of conduct which will watch the affairs of public servants.



(i) Always Use Your Seat Belt: 

this rule is for your safety as a driver as well as your passengers yet, many drivers break this law with impunity. Failure to use a seat-belt is bound to land you in trouble with Nigerian traffic marshals.

(ii) Obey Traffic Light Signals


Disobeying traffic light signals could cost you a lot. These signals are for the free and orderly flow of vehicles and when they are not obeyed, it could lead to fatal accidents. In case you’re wondering how serious a crime it is, it is considered a grave offence.

(iii) Avoid Roads Designated as ‘One Way’ or ‘No Entry' :

In order to beat traffic, especially in a city like Lagos, many drivers have formed the habit of taking shortcuts like using roads marked as ‘one way’ or ‘no entry.’ Traffic officials are usually unforgiving with this particular breach of driving rule and they come down hard on offenders.

(iv) Always Obey Speed-Limits


Disobeying speed limits could land you on the wrong side of the laws. In some states, you could be asked to take a psychiatric test for this kind of offence and Lagos State is a grand example. It is important you obey the speed limits erected at road construction sites or any other road for that matter.

(v) Don’t Drive Without a Driver’s License/Learner’s Permit:

It is an offence to drive a vehicle without a valid driver’s licence/learner’s permit as required by law. Every driver is mandated by law to make their Drivers License available upon request by a road safety marshal. Not having what is referred to as ‘vehicle particulars’ could land you in trouble just as well.

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